Healing/Coaching Sessions

The Coaching Process I offer provides a life-changing experience of which you are the captain and I am the pilot. Where do you want to go? I can show which parts of your system have to be upgraded or empowered in order to balance them with the other parts. That is the provision for further integration and progress.

As the main map of structure do I use the integral life practice approach of Ken Wilber and his colleagues and of Innerwise, a self-healing process, which is deep and precise.

Integral Life Practice is a new approach to well-being, awareness, and transformation. Rather than focus on merely one aspect of the self, ILP brings a whole and balanced approach to realizing the full spectrum of your being.
That’s what we mean by Integral: comprehensive, balanced, inclusive. By Life we mean, well, LIFE—the whole enchilada of love, consciousness, the body, relationships, work, emotions, and the mystery of existence.
Practice means something we do, usually to improve ourselves in some way—to make ourselves happier, stronger, smarter, more capable of loving and helping others. We practice in order to fulfill the potential of who we really are.
Thus, Integral Life Practice is a whole and balanced approach to practicing for life—our individual lives, the lives of others, even the life of the planet.
ILP contains specific practices within a framework that holds them together. The practices and the framework are equally important. The practices ensure that you’re actually doing something, not just thinking about it. The framework makes sense of what you’re doing, giving everything a place.
We’ve designed ILP to be as easy and flexible as possible. We know how busy most people’s lives are, and how important it is to work with your busy schedule. But we’ve also included as much as possible so you can go as deep as you wish. An ILP can take as little as 5 minutes a day—or it can expand up to many hours. It’s up to you.
Welcome to Integral Life Practice!

The coaching sessions are done on skype or in Catalunia/Spain. They coast 45€/h


Heilung geschieht, wenn wir in die Ganzheit zurückkehren. Ganzheit ist immer Teil von uns. Aber wir leben in der Trennung von unserer Quelle, weil wir uns vor langer Zeit dafür entschieden haben. Aber weil die Angst vor Gott oder der Rückkehr tief in unserem Unterbewusstsein gespeichert ist, brauchen wir Wunder und Heilung um unsere Ängste und Knoten loszulassen und uns in die Freiheit aufzumachen. Dabei kann Innerwise Healing helfen. Es befreit uns von der Vergangenheit.

“Die Erfahrung, die ich durch Peters Behandlung erfahren hatte, war eine gesegnete Begegnung mit mir selbst. In einer tiefen Entspannung fing ich an mich zu erinnern und zu fühlen, was vor langer Zeit verloren gegangen war. die Kindheit, die Freuden, das Selbstvertrauen und die Begeisterung eines Teenagers, der Frieden des Geistes als das war verloren gegangen und kam nun zu mir zurück. Ich fühlte wieder die wunderbaren, aber vergessenen Momente meines Lebens. Ich bin dankbar dafür, dass ich die Gelegenheit hatte, durch so eine so sensible und effektive Technik behandelt zu werden. Ich würde es nicht nur empfehlen, sondern auch danken für eine Heilung die mir bis jetzt  selbst durch Meditation, Beten und Yoga nicht erreichbar war konnte. Danke Peter. “   Lia G.

Danke Peter für deine Behandlung, die du so bedingungslos gegeben hast, für deine Anwesenheit, Liebe, Vertrauen in die göttliche Vollkommenheit und Heilkraft. Ich fühlte mich ermächtigt und dein Stein gibt mir Kraft und erinnert mich daran, dass ich ganz und vollständig bin. Ich vertraue deinen Fähigkeiten, um Geister zu heilen, zu trösten und zu erleichtern – Leute, weil du ein Bote von meiner Fähigkeit und Anerkennung bist, dass ich geheilt bin. Tiefe Dankbarkeit und Gruß aus Verena, Österreich”

“The experience I had being treated by Peter has been a blessed meeting with myself. In a smooth but deep recovery, we start remembering and feeling what long ago had been lost. Childhood joys, self-confidence and enthusiasm of teenage, peace of mind felt in wonderful but forgotten / lost moments of our lives. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be treated for such a sensitive and effective technique. I would not only recommend, but express here my sincere thanks for putting together the structures of myself in a way that meditation, prays and yoga couldn’t achieve before. Thank you Peter.” Lia Guerra.

Thank you Peter for your treatment which you gave so unconditionally, for your presence, love, trust in the divine perfection and healingpower. I felt empowered and your stone gives me strength and reminds me that I am whole and complete. I trust your abilities to heal, comfort and facilitate spirits – people, because you where a messenger of my ability and recognition that I am healed . Deep gratitude and greeting from Verena, Austria

Preis: 1h:100€/$