With Innerwise i was able to remove again distortions from a client´s life field. It is nice to be free again. Our energetic field can carry stress for several generations. In medicine of the west we find out stress only when it is to late. Than we will feel our body to become sick. With Innerwise is used we discover this long before and can heal and release these stress fields before organs are damaged.

(Innerwise is intuitive healing – is a medicine for the 21st century.
Innerwise® is a system of spiritual powers and helpers – to free you from the weight of the past and its guilt. You can use Innerwise to recover lost parts of your own. They can close cracks in their energetic protective cover caused by trauma or drugs. Reorganize your systems of the body, the family, the home and their social network with Innerwise. Create a healthier environment for yourself – for better relationships that enable more love, success, money and happiness.                                            Contact me for further informations!)

Mit Innerwise konnte ich wieder Verzerrungen aus dem Lebensfeld eines Klienten entfernen. Es ist schön, wieder frei zu sein. Unser energetisches Feld kann Stress für mehrere Generationen tragen. In der Medizin des Westens finden wir nur dann Stress, wenn es zu spät ist. Dann werden wir fühlen, wie unser Körper krank wird. Mit Innerwise wird dies schon lange vorher entdeckt und es können sich diese Stressfelder heilen und lösen, bevor Organe geschädigt werden.