“The Era Of The Heart


We’re done!

And we’re coming!

You have stolen our thoughts.

You have stolen our emotions.

You’ve stolen our attention.

You have stolen our power.

You’ve even stolen our love.

And we’re done letting you continue.

We’re done with all your BS.

We’re done with your sewage that you have served us for eons.

We’re done with your lies.

We’re done with your deception.

We’re done with your hate.

We’re done with your greed.

We’re done with your abuse.

We’re done with the world you live in.

We’re done with the world you are trying to force us to live in with you.

We’re done!

We’re done with your arrogance.

We’re done with your fucking none caring about anything except yourself.

We’re done with your violence disguised as caring.

We’re done with your hate veiled with your fake talk about your god.

We’re done.

And we’re coming.

I know you don’t think we’ll be able to do what we are setting out to do.

Your billowing arrogance about your status is your greatest weakness.

We’re coming for you.

We’re coming to take it all back.

We’re coming to make it ours again.

We’re coming to reclaim it all again because it’s never been yours.

You’ve never owned it, you just tried to convince us you did.

We’re reclaiming it with our love.

We know our power and we’re coming to reclaim what’s always been ours.

We’re coming to reclaim our heritage.

We will sweep over your lies with a tsunami of truth.

We will sweep over your hate with a tsunami of love.

We will sweep over your ignorance with a tsunami of wisdom.

We will sweep over your violence with a tsunami of peace.

We will sweep over your arrogance with a tsunami of humility.

We will drown out your noise with a tsunami of stillness.

We will erase your footprint from our mother.

And we will start the healing.

And there is nothing you can do about it, nothing.

I know in your blustering arrogance you think you’re invincible.

That’s because you have no idea of the powers each one of us carries.

You have tried to steal our truth, but you couldn’t so you convinced us to bury it.

And now we’re uncovering it.

We’re reclaiming it.

And we’re coming for you and taking it all back…

Starting today.

Helmut” (KA Ta SEE)