Saved Twice

The following two experiences come from a Jewish scientist, pilots, and mystics, whom I want to call Alfred. I was several times with other friends in his log cabin on the Wisconsin River as a guest. We were all in Wisconsin in order to study the Course with our Master Charley of whom I will talk a bit later. Alfred had many stories to tell, of which I have chosen two. When Alfred was a boy of 7 years, it was around 1938. He boarded a train from Cologne to Berlin. He drove in a closed first-class compartment, which was actually forbidden for Jews. He was alone, trying to enjoy the ride. After some time the train stopped, and something happened that started like a nightmare. An SS-Standartenführer in a long black leather coat slowly marched down the aisle.


He read the number of Alfred’s compartment, opened the door, and came in with great stride. He took off his hat and threw himself on the opposite seat of Alfred. The boy tried to  be as normal as he could be and looked fixedly out the window. The SS officer began to take off his coat and gun and make himself comfortable on his bench. Then he said something quite unexpected, “This time you do not have a Moses who can save you. Everyone needs to be his own Messiah.” Alfred looked at him in amazement. The officer went on to talk about the Old Testament, which he seemed to know very well. Then he suddenly became personal and lowered his voice.

“Listen, I know you’re a Jewish boy. You have to promise me to tell your parents what I will say to you. Do you promise that?” Alfred nodded uneasily.

“When you get home, tell your parents that they should pack their bags right away and leave the Reich the fastest way possible. You must flee to the west, not to the east. Will you say that? ”

“Yes sir, I’ll tell them.”

The officer nodded. “It´s really getting bad here, you understand, you can not stay.”

Alfred and his parents followed the advice of the Standartenführer and left the German Reich to emigrate into the U.S. The city of Cologne had invited him several years ago to an event for the surviving Jews of the city. It was the first time after the war he saw the city again.

Another miracle that Alfred experienced is one of the more well-known that Sai Baba is said to have effected. Sai Baba was an Indian saint with hundreds of thousands of followers, who was celebrated as an avatar and ascended master. Prior to the miraculous event, Alfred flew as a pilot with a small passenger plane over northern Nevada and lost in a heavy snowstorm orientation. The plain was shaking and he could not see anything, because his radar system failed. He had almost run out of fuel. That was it. Was there any other option left except to dive, crash, and die? Alfred had indeed one more action to take before giving up. For the first time in thirty years he asked God for help.

He did not have to wait long. A voice came out of the cockpit speakers. The voice gave him precise instructions for landing. He did not know where he was, except that he was far outside a populated area. Suddenly, what appeared was a runway amid the clouds and the wilderness of rugged mountains and snow-covered sand dunes. He brought down the plane safely and ran to thank the air traffic controllers of the control tower.

“Thank you for the help!” He said to the two officials, who were still staring stunned out the window. “You have brought me down here very professionally! We had run out of fuel. Ten minutes later and we would have fallen from the sky like a stone.” These two officers looked at him in amazement.

“We did not have any contact with your plain, sir! You came out of nowhere. ”

Alfred discovered later in Mexico a picture of Sai Baba, which was almost completely covered with ashes. This ash had the property to grow by itself. It was distributed among the followers as beneficent medicine. Sai Baba always seemed to materialize it from nowhere and to scatter it on the audience of his listeners. “That was the man who brought me down.” Alfred said. When he asked Sai Baba later in India directly about the Airplane, he confirmed that he was the one who helped.

The next two stories are hard to believe by someone who has not experienced something similar himself or heard from reliable witnesses yet. The important thing is not to measure the message of this book on the credibility of each story. The stories cited here are still tame. There are many other experiences that are even crazier.