This Therapy is for all who want to be more present and who are ready to let go of their old games, agreements and everything that keeps them from being 100% present and happy right here and now. We know the spiritual teaching but often we feel trapped within a grid which holds us back. Somehow we feel absent without knowing where the other parts of ourselves are trapped. How can we find and resemble them into one clear and clean awareness here and now? This new Soul-Tuning-system is able to do this for you. You just have to apply for this here and be willing to embrace the greater “I Am” you may feel sometimes in quiet moments. This system works with portals to intelligent energies. I other worlds we work with beings and forces from other dimensions who are eager to help humankind. But in order to receive this incredible help, you have to ask. This can help anyone who wants to be more attuned to his divine purpose. Included in this Soul-Tuning is also a clearing of your family system. Please write to us about the problem you want to be eased and solved!  We need the photo of a crystal (clear quartz or amethyst) which can hold the energies for you. You want to carry this crystal around with you day and night until the integration of the healing energies takes place. We will first test if your crystal can do the job, otherwise, we have to try until you have found the right one.

This “Soul-Tuning” will take place in several stages. Whatever your problem is the intelligent medicines of this system can loosen it up and discharge it for you if it is in your souls’ interests. Our team doesn´t even have to know the specifics. The problems can be spiritual, psychological, like the difficulty to forgive a certain person, negative thought patterns, etc., emotional, or physical issues. It can also be a vague feeling of inner absence. Three problems can be worked within one Tuning, even it may take 4 weeks for that to work through and to integrate. What we try to do is to take the cause of these issues out of the systems and therefore ease them. I hope most of them will slowly fade away in time. We can´t guarantee any physical change in the outside world. But we can guarantee that the energetic cause of many problems will be moved towards healing. 

The price will be 60$ for one Soul-Tuning-Session.

We can become attuned to the higher part of ourselves who knows what we have to learn and to do today. Life can be like flowing down a quiet river being certain of protection, surrounding love and certain guidance all the time.