Mein neues Buch.

Hier anschauen.

Dieses Buch enthüllt die geheime Bedeutung dieser drei bekannen Märchen. Peter Bernhard dringt in die Tiefe ihrer Symbolik ein. Er stellt Deutungen zur Verfügung, die sich auf verschiedenen Ebenen beziehen. Die Märchen enthalten die Weisheit der Völker. Es waren keine Schriftsteller, sondern Erzähler die Erinnerungen, Träume, Eingebungen und Gerüchte immer wieder erzählten, bis daraus heilige Geschichten, Weisheitserzählungen und Märchen wurden. Dabei hat eine geheimnisvolle innere Weisheit ihnen vermutlich während des Zusammenseins am Herdfeuer beim Erzählen geholfen. Dieser Geist, an dem wir alle Anteil haben, weiß viel über das menschliche Schicksal. C.G.Jung nannte ihn das „Kollektive Unbewusste“. Wir können ihn auch das „kollektive Überbewusste“ nennen. Jedenfalls spricht einiges dafür, dass eine innere Instanz dafür verantwortlich war, dass Märchen aus allen Teilen der Welt ähnliche Aussagen treffen und ähnliche Überraschungen bereithalten, wie zum Beispiel die Idee, dass der kleinste Bruder zum Befreier aller wird oder dass Gehorsam gegenüber der inneren Weisheit notwendig ist, um die scheinbar unlösbaren Herausforderungen des Lebens zu bestehen. Dieser Geist gab den Erzählern eines Dorfes oder Stammes Träume, Gedanken und Eingebungen ein. Mit Hilfe dieser Inspirationen bauten diese aus wirklichen Erinnerungen Märchen, die für alle Zeiten Bedeutung hatten. Diese Geschichten enthielten meistens Archetypen, die unser Leben manchmal aus dem unerkannten Schatten heraus stören und uns ein andermal zu jenem Leben anspornen, zu dem wir wirklich bestimmt sind. Die besten Filme und Erzählungen der heutigen Zeit folgen noch immer dem Schema, das die Märchen der Ahnen als eine Art Blaupause in das menschliche Bewusstsein pflanzten.


Our first meeting

Marc and I will start our classes at Cafe Viena in Sant Cugat at the 13th of March ´18. We will teach integral life praxis and the heart-centered path which leads to freedom in seven steps. The ladder can also be taught online, best on Zoom. We are excited to share all our knowledge with others.

Der Weg der Drei Herzen

Ein auf das Herz zentrierte Pfad bringt uns zu uns selbst zurück. Normalerweise sind unsere Gedanken zerstreut. Aber auf diesem Weg der drei Herzen konzentrieren wir uns auf uns selbst. Unser Herzchakra und unser physisches Herz enthalten beide unermessliche Schätze. Wir  können dort schöpfen und unsere inneren Energien umdrehen, um unser Leben zu verändern. Wir werden nicht länger der Sklave äußerer Ereignisse sein, sondern im Zentrum des kreativen Flusses leben. Wir können ein Gefühl der Wiederverbindung bekommen und nach Hause kommen. Die Liebe wird uns wie eine warme Sommerbrise streicheln. Wir werden wissen, was zu tun und was zu geben ist, weil wir etwas Wirkliches in uns selbst gefunden haben. Dieser Weg öffnet die Tür zu Gott und zu unserem Lied, welches unser Teil der universellen Symphonie ist.

Heart Centering Path


The Heart Centering Path brings us back to our selves. Usually, our minds are lost in a world of thoughts and feelings. They are connecting us to the past or the future. They are always pointing to something that is not here. What would happen if we find an anchor in the here and now which is able to transform our lives? To be here now is not enough. We need to know where to look and what to extend into the world. If we have found that and receive the reflection of the new energy we will have a happier and more fulfilling life. We will have a sense of reconnection and of coming home. Love will caress us like a warm summer breeze. We will know what to do and what to give because we have found the real treasure inside.

My new book


I woke up in my bed and looked up to the ceiling, where the shadows of the trees were moving. They swung outside, silently rustling in the night’s wind back and forth. These patterns had cradled me several nights into sleep, but not this time, not this night.

I had never tried to find anything particular in this tangle of forms. But one night I saw for the first time the shadow of an animal scurry through this carpet of light- and-shadow cluster. There was a little forest surrounding our house but the lamps of the nearby street shone into it. Maybe it was a cat, a bird or a squirrel, who knows. Whatever it had been, it left me with some assumptions until I fell back into sleep. But today it was different. There appeared a big powerful shadow on the ceiling that covered almost half of the illuminated surface. It moved slowly with intense force in ominous slowness and disappeared again. Whatever it was, it could have been directly on our house. We were here in Wisconsin on the outer slopes of a mountain range. In its center high above the plane lands was the Devil’s Lake, a deep mysterious water hole with rock cliffs surrounding it. The Ho Chunk, the local Indians had called it Spirit Lake, because they had been able to hear spirits during their ceremonies up there. On its shores there were ancient animal gestalt arts made of earth, heaped and overgrown with grass, especially of bears and jaguars. The high quartzite rose rocks on the steep slopes of Devil’s Lake changed their color all the time, oscillating between white and red, two colors that were sacred to the Indians. I had some sacred moments in the Devil’s Lake area. One was during heavy snowfall. I went out and moved uphill into the park. The walk was arduous, because of the deep snow and nobody else dared to do it. To be alone inside the valley on the lake’s shore was an amazing experience. I could hear the snow falling and some of the big black birds crying, nothing else. In the distant I saw a strange black animal prowling down the edge of the steep slope covered with trees and rocks. Was it a bear, a cat or a wolf? I did not try to find out and went in the other direction. The other time seeing the park without people was in the summer. It was after a strong rain. The rain was so heavy that houses were washed away by the Wisconsin River, which was even shown in the world news. My car had no working windshield wipers, but I still tried to drive during this rain, seeing only a blurry light in the middle of the street. I made it home somehow. Because the wipers of my old car could not be repaired by my friend I had to drive fast during snowfall in the winter. In this way the front windows were cleared by the wind. In Wisconsin it was not necessary to let cars be checked technical by any official agency now and then and any car insurance was also not obligatory. That led to possible bad surprises when we drove each other’s cars. One time I found out shortly before the red traffic lights that the car I drove had almost no functioning brakes, but I still managed to stop in time. Some weeks after the heavy rain I went to the Devil’s Lake Park with a girl, but it was still closed. We did not care about it and walked down to the lake. The big black birds that were usually high above the water were flying now on a day without visitors very close. My friend and I were sitting on the rocky bank of the river enjoyed a day alone in this usually crowded area until a police officer caught us and gave us a fine for a hundred and ninety-five dollars for entering this closed area. A friend advised me to go to court to try to lower this and I did. The first thought was for me as a former East German that nobody asked me for my identity card when I entered. So I could have gone easily in place of someone else. The other astonishing thing was that the judge let always five people stand up at the same time, listened to their statements and made a decision. Before coming forward he read a charge like this: “The state of Wisconsin against—” Most of the other cases were young people who were caught drinking alcohol under the age of twenty-one. They had a choice between a fine of two hundred and eighty-five dollars and a registration as a criminal in the records or participation within a police monitored program against alcohol. This program was lasting a half a year and they all chose it. The judge was listening to my excuse also. I said I had overlooked the sign, but he waved me aside. “I hear these stories for weeks now, I give you five dollars less. That’s it.”

My memories returned and I still wondered what a big animal could have thrown such a massive shadow and felt a slight horror. Was it a bear or a jaguar, or even a crazy person? Was it the same animal I had seen in the snowstorm? Or was it the old chief? The old chief was the spirit of an ancient shaman who had his place of residence on the other side of my town Baraboo and showed up sometimes during spiritual rituals in the area. This place was a monument called the Man Mount. There was a big humanoid figure on the ground, with perceptible energetic marks for each level of the body. Only his legs were cut off by a nearby road. Here I was often with my friends from the vegetarian restaurant in Baraboo to take in that energy. This whole part of Wisconsin had many interesting places to go. There were hundreds of other earth-made monuments with strange energies in the area and sometimes my friends and I saw the natives sitting on top of them. The history of the Ho Chunk and other tribes were always part of that. The Ho Chunk were lucky enough to have a casino on Highway 12. They earned up to two hundred million dollars each year and could give every member of their tribe free income. They still had to fight alcoholism and other issues.

On the next day I drove the road to the center of the town. It was easy to speed up to fast. Suddenly I had the strange impression that something was going to happen. The time had changed its texture and pace. Maybe there was a waking call, I did not hear.

Innerwise and Integral life praxis in Barcelona

We all start our life with a grand vision.

Sadly, this vision starts fading away from the moment we begin our education. Whatever remains of it gets lost over years of often feeling completely helpless to face the real challenges of life.

Too often…

  • we want to continue playing our victim role and we are just looking for a “bandage” to cover our symptoms
  • diagnostic options are too limited to detect the true causes
  • people buy medications for the desired effects on their symptoms but get stuck with complex side effects
  • we do not satisfy our desire to explore and ask why? what for? and whose issue?

Healing was once and art, and it can become one again.

(That’s why German physician Uwe Albrecht created innerwise.)

Complex situations call for systematic analysis and therapy

Our world is becoming faster, more complex and more interconnected.

At the same time, we are becoming conscious of more and more levels and dimensions and their interactions.

Diagnostic and therapeutic systems are useful in limited ways:

Laboratory testing only takes biochemistry into account and does not even detect disruptions until organs have already lost half their functionality. In other words, laboratory testing is not an early warning system – it’s a late warning system.

Ultrasound and x-ray consider only physical structure and cannot detect any object with a cross section smaller than 5 mm – which is equal to 2-4 million cells. Who wants to wait that long?

Psychologists examine mental and emotional states. However, the energetics in the background which produces these states are almost always ignored.

Reincarnation therapists travel through the worlds of the soul, sometimes getting lost and sometimes providing their clients with plenty of excuses for their bad behavior in this life. Occasionally, the healing they provide can be right on the mark.

Specialists can also successfully heal their patients sometimes.

But what we need is a holistic system and persons with wide-ranging knowledge, and who perceive and treat the human being as a whole. Innerwise  is this system

Treating symptoms makes no sense; the wisdom is: getting to the sources


We always deal with three levels of observation:

  1. The surface – you could also call this the “symptom.”
  2. The malfunctions taking place below the surface
  3. The true causes behind all of this.


Discovering and clearing the true causes is wise and brings healing.
Correcting the malfunctions is good therapeutic work.

Simply pushing back against symptoms makes no sense.


Innerwise: The great exploration on all levels

To recognize the causes we need to take a holistic view of the human being, integrating all levels of existence equally: structure, biochemistry, rhythms, the mental, the emotional, the energetic, the soul and the unknown.

Innerwise has produced or refined tools with the necessary quality:

  • the arm-length and finger test for precise testing, which keeps the left hemisphere of the brain happy
  • a spherical vision for objective test results
  • tools for very high-precision sensing, feeling and perceiving, which keep the right hemisphere of the brain happy
  • Imago work for grasping complex systems and situations
  • Tester cards for pinpointing issues and points of influence.


All the tools provide insights on every level, inviting all of us to take part in a great expñoration of life.


Remedies as gateways:

The wise have always seen remedies as living beings and thanked them whenever they were helpful.

Remedies are living beings with very strong characters.

If we turn to them with kind intentions and ask for help, they are happy to oblige.

This has nothing to do with shamanism or esoterica, it’s simply a matter of putting aside human arrogance.

Everything is alive and, in essence, everything is sound.

That means that also remedies are complex, intelligent frequency patterns.

So, as a therapist, you are a composer and a conductor who creates and plays a healing symphony from these sounds.

Innerwise helps clients to find a new dance in life.

Multipotency is the magic word

Remedies of the past come with specific skillsets.

Some of them work on the structural level, some in biochemistry, others in the emotional realm. That may be tidy, but it’s not good. It means these remedies are specialists instead of generalists.

Once we start looking at issues on all levels, from the structure to the soul, we also need remedies that can impact all levels, otherwise, our entire, beautiful, holistic analysis is no use to anybody.

As living beings, each remedy is a generalist and feels at home on all levels.

Yet, we can only use this quality if we set them free from their prisons so they can live and offer their full potency.

For that, we need gateways through which we can reach the remedies.

These can, for example, be geometric structures. Through these, we can upload individual issues we’ve discovered and received from the living being of the remedy a download containing the individualized answer.

It’s best to select remedies intuitively so their energy is a perfect match for the energy of the issue.

This is how information medicine works.

This is how innerwise works.

Fun for therapists

Can therapists heal? No.

Did the therapist create the client’s illness, making themselves responsible for eliminating it? No.

The therapist is tasked with using expertise and intuition to uncover the causes of malfunctions and communicate them to the client through clear, practical information so the client can change his or her life and no longer need a warning sign.

The therapist can then use remedies to help the client resolve blockages, return to the present and clear issues so there are no longer any boundaries for the body’s self-healing.

The fun and joy of being a therapist is being allowed to discover how life works, how interconnected events can be, and how everything shapes everything else.

And if a therapist does everything correctly, he or she will have more energy at the end of a session than at the begin, by stepping aside and letting the remedy do its work.

 Innerwise for healing, happiness, and success

German physician Uwe Albrecht started Innerwise twenty years ago as a diagnostics and healing system in a small clinic near Berlin, Germany.

  • After the healing effects were explored, several books appeared (A Course in Healing, Intuitive DiagnosticsIntuitive Healing). Always searching for new challenges, founder Uwe Albrecht began developing innerwise for systems and business.
  • This soon also blossomed with training, participating consultancy firms, and the first book on the topic (Imago), but still there was more in store.
  • That’s when Uwe turned to philosophy and created E=L2, a playful discovery of time, space, the self, power and meaning that helps us return to the present.
  • Innerwise consists of all these things and there will be more to come.

 Innerwise is open source and ready to integrate

 No matter where you are or what you have worked with in the past, you can easily bring innerwise on board and integrate it.

  • Doctors can start testing medications in advance for their effectiveness and tolerability.
  • They can also start seeing more with intuitive diagnostics.
  • Patients/clients can take their health and well-being into their own hands and forget about being a victim or being dependent.
  • Business consultants can learn to see systems in a new way and coach others more successfully.
  • Entrepreneurs can get back on top of the wave of creativity.
  • Seekers of meaning can learn to surrender to life and receive meaning.
  • and there are many gifts waiting for you too…

 Innerwise: A success story – resonance-based

We have:

  • innerwise as card systems with tester and healing cards
  • innerwise as multimedia apps
  • courses and online courses around the world
  • com, a giant website full of discoveries
  • over 60 mentors already around the world who are permitted to teach
  • around 200,000 users in many countries
  • books translated into over ten languages

We don’t have:

  • investors or shareholders
  • power or oppression
  • borders

Everything is resonance. That’s why the only thing we can really do is ensure we have a harmonic, clear and strong sound that can touch hearts.

Connect to our Group in Barcelona:

Heart opening medicine Herz-öffnende Medizin

The scientists accomplished the creation of a medicine which is able to open our spiritual heart. It is doing that by using particular sun frequencies of which Drunvalo is speaking on a youtube video. The outcome is astonishing. We teach the outside world is a mirroring of the inside world. This medicine symbolizes therefor an inner change of mind and readiness to follow the path of love.

Wissenschaftler haben eine Medizin erschaffen, die unser spirituelles Herz öffnen kann. Dies geschieht durch die Verwendung bestimmter Sonnenfrequenzen, von denen Drunvalo auf einem Youtube-Video spricht. Das Ergebnis ist erstaunlich. Wir lehren ja, dass die Außenwelt eine Spiegelung der Innenwelt ist . Diese Medizin symbolisiert dafür eine innere Veränderung des Geistes und die Bereitschaft, dem Weg der Liebe zu folgen.

Look here for further information:


The Coaching Process I offer provides a life-changing experience of which you are the captain and I am the pilot. Where do you want to go? I can show which parts of your system have to be upgraded or empowered in order to balance them with the other parts. That is the provision for further integration and progress.

As the main map of structure do I use the integral life practice approach of Ken Wilber and his colleagues and of Innerwise, a self-healing process, which is deep and precise.

Integral Life Practice is a new approach to well-being, awareness, and transformation. Rather than focus on merely one aspect of the self, ILP brings a whole and balanced approach to realizing the full spectrum of your being.
That’s what we mean by Integral: comprehensive, balanced, inclusive. By Life we mean, well, LIFE—the whole enchilada of love, consciousness, the body, relationships, work, emotions, and the mystery of existence.
Practice means something we do, usually to improve ourselves in some way—to make ourselves happier, stronger, smarter, more capable of loving and helping others. We practice in order to fulfill the potential of who we really are.
Thus, Integral Life Practice is a whole and balanced approach to practicing for life—our individual lives, the lives of others, even the life of the planet.
ILP contains specific practices within a framework that holds them together. The practices and the framework are equally important. The practices ensure that you’re actually doing something, not just thinking about it. The framework makes sense of what you’re doing, giving everything a place.
We’ve designed ILP to be as easy and flexible as possible. We know how busy most people’s lives are, and how important it is to work with your busy schedule. But we’ve also included as much as possible so you can go as deep as you wish. An ILP can take as little as 5 minutes a day—or it can expand up to many hours. It’s up to you.
Welcome to Integral Life Practice!

The coaching sessions are done on skype or in Catalunia/Spain. They coast 45€/h


With Innerwise i was able to remove again distortions from a client´s life field. It is nice to be free again. Our energetic field can carry stress for several generations. In medicine of the west we find out stress only when it is to late. Than we will feel our body to become sick. With Innerwise is used we discover this long before and can heal and release these stress fields before organs are damaged.

(Innerwise is intuitive healing – is a medicine for the 21st century.
Innerwise® is a system of spiritual powers and helpers – to free you from the weight of the past and its guilt. You can use Innerwise to recover lost parts of your own. They can close cracks in their energetic protective cover caused by trauma or drugs. Reorganize your systems of the body, the family, the home and their social network with Innerwise. Create a healthier environment for yourself – for better relationships that enable more love, success, money and happiness.                                            Contact me for further informations!)

Mit Innerwise konnte ich wieder Verzerrungen aus dem Lebensfeld eines Klienten entfernen. Es ist schön, wieder frei zu sein. Unser energetisches Feld kann Stress für mehrere Generationen tragen. In der Medizin des Westens finden wir nur dann Stress, wenn es zu spät ist. Dann werden wir fühlen, wie unser Körper krank wird. Mit Innerwise wird dies schon lange vorher entdeckt und es können sich diese Stressfelder heilen und lösen, bevor Organe geschädigt werden.