Unabhängigkeit/Independency of Catalonia De/Eng

Heute wird der Präsident der katalanischen Autonomiebehörde Puigdemont formal die Abspaltung von Spanien erklären. Danach sind verschiedene Szenarien möglich. Ich muss mich heute durch die Straßen kämpfen, um zu meiner Deutschklasse zu kommen, während wahrscheinlich wieder tausende Separatisten für diesen Beschluss demonstrieren. Die Befürchtungen, dass Kapital und Firmen abwandern, hat sich schon bestätigt. Auch hat Frankreich erklärt, Katalunien als Staat nicht anzuerkennen, wie auch die EU nicht. Warum? Niemand will Kleinstaaterei in Europa und Frankreich hat die nördlichen Teritorien Kataloniens auf seinem Staatsgebiet. Die heutige Erklärung wird also nur zu weiteren Konflikten führen. Hoffentlich werden bald die Zahlungsmodalitäten der Verfassung Spaniens, die hier als ungerecht empfunden werden, zugunsten Katalonien verschoben, um einen Teil des Ärgers zu beruhigen.

Today, the President of the Catalan Autonomous Administration Puigdemont will formally declare the secession of Spain. Various scenarios are then possible. I have to fight through the streets today to come to my German class, while probably thousands of separatists will again demonstrate this decision. The fears that capital and firms are moving has already been confirmed. France has also declared that it does not recognize Catalunia as a state, the EU neither. Why? No one wants small-scale states in Europe and France has got the northern territories of Catalonia on its territory. Today’s explanation will only lead to further conflicts. Hopefully soon the modalities of the constitution of Spain, which are perceived as unfair, will be postponed to Catalonia in order to calm some of the anger.


Pro Spain-Manifestation in Barcelona today

At today´s anti independence manifestation, almost a million people showed up. There was some rumours that many of them came from outside of Catalunia, I think there were mostly locals, families, many young, and elders. The independence movement did not accept that around 50% are against separation from Spain. (Did they really care?) But their voice of the other half should be heart, particulary because the future of this region is at stake, as many realize now as time has gone late, two days before probably declared independency, the following deposition of the local government, more division and the movement away from this region by many companies and banks .

En la manifestación anti independencia de hoy, casi un millón de personas se presentaron. Hubo algunos rumores de que muchos de ellos vinieron de fuera de Catalonya, creo que eran en su mayoría locales, familias, muchos jóvenes y ancianos. El movimiento independentista no aceptó que alrededor del 50% se oponga a la separación de España. Pero su voz de la otra mitad debe que oido, sobre porque el futuro de esta región está en juego, como muchos se dan cuenta ahora que el tiempo se ha ido tarde, dos días antes de declaró la independencia, la siguiente deposición de el gobierno local, más división y el movimiento fuera de esta región por muchas empresas y bancos.


The art of healing: Liberation from equipment and medications

Therapists, doctors, coaches – all start their careers with a grand vision.

Sadly, this vision starts fading away from the moment they begin their education. Whatever remains of it gets lost over years of often feeling completely helpless to face the real challenges of life.

The great journey of discovery on all levels

To recognize the causes of issues, we need to take a holistic view of the human being, integrating all levels of existence equally: structure, biochemistry, rhythms, the mental, the emotional, the energetic, the soul and the unknown.

Therapists can use their own consciousness to grasp all these levels if their diagnostic tools allow them.

Innerwise has produced or refined tools with the necessary quality:

  • the arm-length and finger test for precise testing, which keeps the left hemisphere of the brain happy
  • spherical vision for objective test results
  • tools for very high-precision sensing, feeling and perceiving, which keep the right hemisphere of the brain happy
  • Imago work for grasping complex systems and situations
  • Tester cards for pinpointing issues and points of influence.

The tools all provide insights on every level, inviting us to take part in a great discovery of life.

Remedies as gateways: No more remedy prisons

 In the past, medicine has always thrown remedies into prisons:

  • Homeopathy uses set potencies in globules (“You are Arnica D30 today, and you’ll stay that way forever.”)
  • Phytotherapy extracts essences and conserves them in alcohol.
  • Conventional medicine locks chemical substances into pill form.

 The wise have always seen remedies as living beings and thanked them whenever they were helpful.

Remedies are living beings with very strong characters.

If we turn to them with kind intentions and ask for help, they are happy to oblige.

This has nothing to do with shamanism or esoterica, it’s simply a matter of putting aside human arrogance.

Everything is alive and, in essence, everything is sound.

That means remedies are complex, intelligent frequency patterns.

So, the therapist is a composer and a conductor who creates and plays a healing symphony from these sounds.

They help their clients to find a new dance in life.

Multipotency is the magic word

Remedies of the past come with specific skillsets.

Some of them work on the structural level, some in biochemistry, others in the emotional realm. That may be tidy, but it’s not good. It means these remedies are specialists instead of generalists.

Once we start looking at issues on all levels, from the structure to the soul, we also need remedies that can impact all levels, otherwise our entire, beautiful, holistic analysis is no use to anybody.

As living beings, each remedy is a generalist and feels at home on all levels.

Yet, we can only use this quality if we set them free from their prisons so they can live and offer their full potency.

For that, we need gateways through which we can reach the remedies.

These can, for example, be geometric structures. Through these, we can upload individual issues we’ve discovered and receive from the living being of the remedy a download containing the individualized answer.

It’s best to select remedies intuitively so their energy is a perfect match for the energy of the issue.

This is how information medicine works. This is how innerwise works.

Innerwise for healing, happiness and success

Innerwise started twenty years ago as a diagnostics and healing system in a small clinic near Berlin, Germany.

  • After the healing effects were explored, several books appeared (A Course in Healing, Intuitive Diagnostics, Intuitive Healing). Always searching for new challenges, founder Uwe Albrecht began developing innerwise for systems and business.
  • This soon also blossomed with trainings, participating consultancy firms, and the first book on the topic (Imago), but still there was more in store.
  • That’s when Uwe turned to philosophy and created E=L2, a playful discovery of time, space, the self, power and meaning that helps us return to the present.
  • Innerwise consists of all these things and there will definitely be more to come.

Uwe prefers to describe himself this way: “The creative madness had another orgasm.” (It’s even written on his business card.)

 Innerwise is open source and ready to integrate

 No matter where you are or what you have worked with in the past, you can easily bring innerwise on board and integrate it.

  • Doctors can start testing medications in advance for their effectiveness and tolerability.
  • They can also start seeing more with intuitive diagnostics.
  • Patients/clients can take their health and well-being into their own hands and forget about being a victim or being dependent.
  • Business consultants can learn to see systems in a new way and coach others more successfully.
  • Entrepreneurs can get back on top of the wave of creativity.
  • Seekers of meaning can learn to surrender to life and receive meaning.
  • and there are many gifts waiting for you too…

Peter Steinhagen, Teacher of Innerwise in Barcelona




Unrest in Catalonia

Next Monday there will be the declaration of Independence by the Catalan governement. The army will probably take over Catalunia after that, with other events following. The Spanish king made a speech on behalf of the Spanish governement and the reinforcement of law and order only, instead of trying to build bridges again to the millions of people who voted here. This leaves many frustrated in Catalunia. “There is no turning back.” they say now, “it´s not anymore about the Governement it´s about the Spanish state.” The king had a once in a lifetime change to make a difference (like everyone has got). He missed it. Will history move on, leaving the Spanish elite behind?

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Clash of Egos

What happend yesterday will push the independence movement further. Fact is that Spain is an unhealed country which survived, without any persecution of the crimes of Franco´s regime. A country with a incompetent
governement, that is unable to listen and negociate. Separation will be declared today or tomorrow by the Catalan local governement. After that the army coult be sent by Madrid, even tanks, and war in the streets. Many think freedom lies there, as if Catalunia could flourish without Spain. But the truth is that at least 20% of the companies here are prepaired to leave Catalunia within 48hours after Independence. Because they want and need to operate within the EU. But Catalunia can only enter the European Union again with the agreemend of Spain. Who can win in this clash of big egos? The people who want all the money of Catalunia for themselves will see soon, the money will be gone. Are they prepaired for what will come? Did anyone tell them? But what i can do is to stay in peace. That is my offering.

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Catalunian Revolution?

At the 1th of October there will be an “illegal” vote for independence here in Catalunia, similar to Kurdistan in Irak. The spanish police literally invated the city of Barcelona and will try to prevent the votation. But many people are exited to do it. The surpression of the governement in Madrid pushes more and more people into the partiy of the separatists or republicans. A clash could happen on Sunday which coult changes the course of things.

Mein neuestes neuestes Buch

Das Thomasevangelium wurde 1945 in in einer Höhle in der Gegend von Nag Hamadi entdeckt. Es ist die bedeutendste Schrift unter den dort aufgefundenen Dokumenten, weil es wie die Spruchquelle Q auf den historischen Jesus zurückgeht, und damit noch älter ist, als das älteste kanonische (biblische) Markusevangelium. Es bietet Einblick in die Lehre, die Jesus seinem inneren Zirkel zuteil werden ließ, zu dem auch Maria Magdalena gehörte. Diese auf persönliche Erkenntnis (Gnosis) oder Erleuchtung ausgerichteten Unterweisungen wurden kaum in die kanonischen Evangelien aufgenommen, entweder weil deren Autoren diese nicht kannten oder weil die Kirche dies nicht wollte. Dieses Evangelium wurde von der Kirche als gnostisch gebrandmarkt, soll heißen als häretisch, aber es ist weder gnostisch noch häretisch. Es ist nur ursprünglicher  und damit ganzheitlicher und erfahrungsorientierter als die von der biblischen Sammlung auf uns überkommenen Schriften. Es ist daher ein Geschenk an unsere Zeit. Allerdings bedarf vielleicht manchmal einiger Kommentare um verstanden zu werden, da seine Sprache allzu fremd ist und es von einem Geisteszustand spricht, der tiefer geht, das das Gewahrsein des alltäglichen westlichen Geistes.

Bei Amazon.de erhältlich.